The fuchsia is an ornamental, chiefly tropical shrub widely cultivated for its showy and drooping purplish, reddish, or white flowers. It is a genus of the evening primrose family, with more than seventy species native to tropical America and several to New Zealand and Tahiti. The flowers are bell-shaped, with stamens extending beyond the petals. They come into life in small clusters or singly, and mature into berries. Fuchsias are grown as potted plants or in hanging baskets in temperate regions and as shrubs and trees in warmer regions. They do better in warm, humid climates, and they cease to flower when the length of daylight is less than twelve hours.
   These plants were first introduced into Europe by the German physician and botanist Leonhard Fuchs (1501-1566), a professor of medicine at the University of Tubingen. His famous work De historia stirpium discussed medicinal plants and became a standard text. In 1703, many years after Fuchs's death, the plant was named fuchsia by the French botanist Charles Plumier.
   Fuchsin or fuchsine is a purplish-red aniline dye.

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